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R&D Engineer

Marcus has worked as an engineer for large corporations such as Ford Motors, emerging companies and as a freelance R&D Engineer. He is responsible for product and systems design, rapid prototyping and testing. He believes experimentation with undefined ideas and concepts to lead to the most interesting design outcomes. He is Lucky enough to have had work implemented and exhibited across the UK, including the V&A and the Royal College of Art, as well as collaborating with anthropologists to develop interactive art installations and workshops with the Arts Council across the UK. 


Marcus Graduated from Imperial College London (MSc), the Royal College of Art (MA) and Cardiff University (BEng) 


In spare time he enjoys running, hiking and camping. He is always keen to take part in obscure adventures, whether that's running 230 miles from Worthing to Paris or walking the Pindos mountains in northern Greece. Marcus believes adventures and immersing in different cultures is key to great design thinking.

Marcus has been awarded multiple Innovate UK grants for his own company GyroPlant for the Ag-Tech industry 

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Creative Designer

Rory has spent years working with organisations across industries to build their innovation capability, solve problems through design and launch new products and services. 

He has led projects endorsed by C-suite executives across multinationals, as well as supporting SMEs, charities and government departments. He believes that applying creative design methods to business and policy challenges can uncover hugely exciting opportunities as we navigate an unpredictable future.

He has had the pleasure of working with Conde Nast, National Grid, The Economist, Severn Trent Water, Legal & General, Mars and many other excellent organisations.


Rory studied as part of the first cohort at the New College of the Humanities, an experimental institution which tested a new approach to higher education, and received a first. He also holds credentials in Business Innovation and Design Strategy from IDEOU, as well as Applied Behavioural Science from Coglode Academy. 

Rory lives in Madrid with his partner, and loves travelling to meet new people. He is also the Trustee of Olly’s Future, a UK-based charity which works to prevent suicide and improve wellbeing through the arts.



R&D Engineer

Alexander is a R&D engineer with experience across a range of sectors. Project of note include areas such as Space, Bioengineering, and Green Hydrogen. Sustainability and long-term thinking are central to his work, as well as a desire to extend the capabilities of humanity.


A passionate swimmer, Alexander is also an avid reader, most notably of speculative fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy.


Alexander holds degrees from the Royal College of Art (MA), Imperial College London (MSc), and the University of Pennsylvania (BEng).

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