Have an idea you want to explore or take to market? 

We are a team of designers, engineers and thinkers. We can take your product all the way from idea to early stage industrial manufacture.

We specialise in developing physical prototypes rapidly and cost-effectively for any size company. We have an extensive R&D capability to help you bring your innovations to life and help you grow.


This is what sets us apart from other innovation consultancies.

The best way to sell your idea is to showcase the real thing. Pretty renders are great for websites and pitch decks, but nothing quite meets the power of touching and seeing the real thing. 


We have the unique ability to develop and make rapid high quality prototypes, no matter what stage of the design process you are in. They can be purely for visual purposes or functional, with working mechanics and electronics.


These are great for kickstarter campaigns, investor pitches and market testing.


We work with our global partners to manufacture components quickly and to the highest standards.

See our case studies to see for yourself!


You have a new idea, but you don't know if it will work, or you are unsure if you are approaching it in the right way?

We can  brainstorm ideas to determine how your product might work, look and feel and how it may be manufactured. Our design team can quickly come up with and model ideas from any brief to create a realistic vision for your idea and advise on the R&D process required to get your product to market.


An awe inspiring product render is great for your marketing, however this does not mean your design is ready. Calculating how it may be made, liaising with manufactures to determine the best manufacturing plan, materials, quantities is where the work is really at. Importantly we will help you understand the costs of these processes, and highlight the costs of this from the beginning of our journey together


Intellectual Property is important, if not crucial to many companies and startups. We have helped clients through national and international patenting and registered design rights.

We have great insight into the IP protection processes from a design & engineering perspective.


Although we are not IP specialists, we can link you to the best in the business in the UK and Europe. 

Note: We are happy to sign a full 'NDA' with you


We use the latest Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to design products to showcase mechanical engineering and product aesthetics.

Using our in-house 3D printing resources alongside CAD modelling, this will initiate the process of physical product testing. Once we test the product's mechanical function, we can approach our global industrial manufacturing partners all over the world to help you understand how your product will be made, inclusing sample pieces.


Some of the best ideas may be  simple, however refining and making may not be, Many of the products we design require complex mechanical integration. 

The right mechanical engineering expertise is required for any product. Where necessary, we can analyse a product to determine how best the product may perform in real life, and optimise the design accordingly.

Only once we have tested the mechanical workings of a product are we able to take it to full industrial design.


Often, products require electrical systems. Our in-house experts have developed many electro-mechanical systems, often including motors, sensors and lighting systems.

We also work with electronic engineers from around the world to help develop these systems and integrate them into our design for industrial manufacture, including:

Electrical Schematics and PCBs

Sensor Development

Hardware Development

Embedded Systems

What Our Clients Say

Smiling Man

Gavin, VitaLife

"Marcus was fantastic. He was very communicative, and helped me think about my product & purpose before his design process. His design was smart, quick & efficient. Wish i could have him on my team."